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I believe in laughter... I believe in warm summer nights... I believe in the miracle of life... I believe in running barefoot chasing lightnin bugs... I believe in toothless giggles, and messy hair... I believe childhood is magical... I believe life is beautiful... I believe you can never have too many pictures... I believe in capturing life... I believe pictures should tell stories... -YOUR STORY-

Photo of me & my babies taken by the talented Rachel May.

The magic of Gold dust

This is the story of a little girl…. and her love for horses.

This story began years ago…. a little girl…. and the only thing she talked about.

The story of cowgirl boots….

walls being covered in horse posters…

every horse book imaginable… sitting on her bookcase

and Breyer models adorning every free spot on her dresser

The story of how she has memorized every breed & horse color…

how her eyes light up whenever we pass a field with a horse….

Her favorite store is the tractor supply…. you can find her by the Breyer models or the tack section.

Horse catalogs come to the house in her name… she saves each one and circles what she likes inside.

The story of how we have searched and searched for someone trustworthy to give her lessons….

and how her heart would break everytime her horseback teacher didnt call….. or canceled a session.

This is the story of high school friends who happen to have horses…. and find out your daughters love for them… and offer to let her come ride

how she looks forward to Tuesday evenings and prays for it not to rain… so she can ride with Lil’ J.

This is the story of how much she’s grown to love “Gold dust” whom she named…

and how she will save her apples from lunch just for him.

This is the story of a little girl… and the only thing she’s ever asked for….

of a daddy’s love for his little girl… and how he spent every free moment this summer building a fence & barn..

for the only thing….. she’s ever asked for….

We are now in search of the perfect HORSE…. to be loved.. by this little girl.