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I believe in laughter... I believe in warm summer nights... I believe in the miracle of life... I believe in running barefoot chasing lightnin bugs... I believe in toothless giggles, and messy hair... I believe childhood is magical... I believe life is beautiful... I believe you can never have too many pictures... I believe in capturing life... I believe pictures should tell stories... -YOUR STORY-

Photo of me & my babies taken by the talented Rachel May.

letters to my children

to my not so little… little boy,

The moment you were born the dr immediately laid you on my chest & I started to cry….. there you were… my little boy looking up at me.   I wiped you clean while you let out your first cries….. with your arms flailing about.  I was now a mother of two….its amazing how you fall in love all over again.. time after time.  The next few days I spent with you in the hospital… taking you all in…..  putting your paci back in your mouth every time it fell out b/c you were instantly attached to it.  The day we brought you home I laid on the couch with you and a overwhelming sense of sadness came over me…. I wanted you to stay just like that.  I knew how fast time would go by….. how fast you would grow up.  How you’d soon let out your first laugh…. you’d learn to crawl way before I was ready……& how I’d be chasing you all over before long.  I smelled you…. consumed you… in all your newborness.   The sad thing is… I was right… you did.    The day you started kindergarten I stood in the hallway watching you take your place in that big classroom…. and I started to cry.   I didn’t want you to see me… but you turned around and saw me & came running back out of the class.  Oh how I didn’t want to let you go…..& oh how you longed to stay.  That seemed like yesterday…. and now you’re 9.5.  My little big boy….. with never ending energy.  You’re my defiant child.  When you run through the house I still see my little boy with his diaper sagging down…. dancing in front of the tv with the paci in your mouth.  Playing out back in the dirt with your tractors…. & standing at the patio doors crying the first time I ever left you with daddy alone.  No matter how big you get…. how much you change ….I’ll always see that little boy looking back at me.

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