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I believe in laughter... I believe in warm summer nights... I believe in the miracle of life... I believe in running barefoot chasing lightnin bugs... I believe in toothless giggles, and messy hair... I believe childhood is magical... I believe life is beautiful... I believe you can never have too many pictures... I believe in capturing life... I believe pictures should tell stories... -YOUR STORY-

Photo of me & my babies taken by the talented Rachel May.

Little red wearing blue

It was her third Easter.

I found the sweetest little blue floral dress for her to wear.

On Easter morning she wanted to eat reesie pieces for breakfast… and I let her.

I taught her the real meaning of Easter… so once in awhile she would say “God died on a cross?”

She loved the cherry tree at her GG’s house.

The older kids shook the limbs so it would fall around like pink snow.

Little pink petals got stuck in her red curls.

She kept picking flower bushes to give to her daddy.

She loved her eggs that we dyed the night before.

When we got to grandma’s house… we hid them for a long time.

Grandma gave her a little basket to carry the eggs in.

The light was amazing. The way it hit her hair…… thankfully I bought my camera this day.

Once in awhile a breeze would play with her curls.

Uncle Josh showed her how to juggle eggs…… every egg had to be tossed in the woods after her turn.

My little red wearing blue.